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/Alif Boiler Company Ltd.
  • Alif Auto Electric Boiler

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    • Quick Responses, Easy fast layout option.
    • Instantaneous installation.
    • Easy Quicker plumbing.
    • Fully automatic.
    • Instantaneous start-up & shutdown.
    • Compact units from 7Kw to 42 Kw.
    • Multiple Safety devices with warning.
    • No Equipment cost at all.
  • Features:
    • Easy Opperation
    • CNG Safty System
    • Auto GAS Supply
    • The ideal arrangement of smoke tube makes water smoothly circulate.
    • It's smoke (fire) Tube is designed as corrugated type to comply with thermal expansion, which features high safety and high heat absorption rate.
  • Features:
    • No Tubes, no coils to rust or burn out periodically.
    • Design creates more valuable floor space allowing room for other plant equipment and production facilities.
    • Simplicity in design results in ease of operation.
    • High Safty System Boiler.
    • Boiler Compliance Manufacturer.
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  • Features:
    • Auto & Manual operation
    • Sturdy Constraction/robust frame
    • Replaceable top cover
    • Vacuum motor operates on requirment only
    • Level adjusting serews
    • iron rest stainless steel
    • Jensolin stoving heat paint
    • Friendly environment
  • Features:
      • Full body stainless
      • Simple manual operation
      • Sturdy testing facilities
      • Treated water quality commercial zero hardness
      • Hydraulically tested for pressure
      • Inside coated for corrosion free operation
  • Feature
    • Less fuel consumption
    • safe energy
    • safe Environment
    • You may use for any type of Boiler
    • 20% Fuel safe for any type of Boiler
    • Total Energy Saving System.
  • Wastage Fired Steam Boiler

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    • Quick Responses, Easy fast layout option.
    • Multiple safety devices with warning.