Our Vision & Mission
1 . Trust,service and quality
2 . Committed to international standard quality

3. Best Technology,reliable service & price.
4. Save Enrage Save environment

Alif Boiler Manufactures all Kind of industrial Boiler Like as Fuel Type Steam Boiler, Diesel Boiler, Wood/ Cloth Wastage Boiler, Coal Boiler, Electric Boiler Also Manufacturers Garments Finishing Item.Like As Vacuuming Iron Table, Vacuuming Lady Bed Iron Table, Thread Cleaning Machine, Water Softener, Pre-Heater Water Condenser, CNG Solution System, Exhaust Fan, Economizer, Pressure Vessel& all Finishing Goods.Alif Boiler company Ltd, A high-tech innovative specialized Steam boiler manufacturing company of Bangladesh. Alif Boiler have started its operation in 2007 in manufacturing of all kind of garments finishing machine. Alif Boiler with its dedicated teams manufacturing high quality, Energy& environment saving product and service.Our goal not only do business, but also to develop a safety & energy saving Steam Boiler provide. Alif boiler ltd. provide after sales and maintenance of service for a period of three years at free of charge. alif boiler is the best brand of Bangladesh. We are determined to make safe & quality boiler. Alif boiler is one of the most technologically progressive companies in the country.

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